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Student Information

Bell Schedule

Normal Day Two Hour Delay
8:00 Students Admitted   10:00 Students Admitted
8:06 Homeroom/Block 1 Warning Bell 10:06 Homeroom/Block 1 Warning Bell
8:09 Homeroom/Bock 1 Tardy Bell 10:09 Homeroom/Block 1 Tardy Bell
9:35 Block 1 Ends 10:59 Block 1 Ends
9:39 Block 2 Tardy Bell 11:03 Block 2 Tardy Bell
11:13 Block 2 Ends 11:50 Block 2 Ends
11:17 Block 3 Tardy Bell (A Lunch) 11:54 Block 3 Tardy Bell
11:47 B Lunch 12:24 B Lunch
11:49 Tardy Bell (B Lunch) 12:54 C Lunch
12:17 C Lunch 1:24 D Lunch
12:19 Tardy Bell (C Lunch) 1:54 Block 3 Ends
12:47 D Lunch 1:58 Block 4 Tardy Bell
12:49 Tardy Bell (D Lunch) 2:54 Dismissal to Buses
1:17 Block 3 Ends 2:59 Warning Bell
1:21 Block 4 Tardy Bell 3:01 Buses Depart
2:54 Dismissal to Buses
2:59 Warning Bell
3:01 Buses Depart

Parent/Student Handbook

The purpose of the Parent/Student Handbook is to give school district students and their parents/guardians an understanding of the general rules and guidelines for attending and receiving an education in our schools.

2021-2022 Parent Student Handbook

Clubs & Activities

The co-curricular and extracurricular programs sponsored by the school are designed to supplement academics, provide enrichment experiences, entertainment or service to the student body.  In addition, students who participate receive personal enjoyment and satisfaction and develop desirable character traits such as cooperativeness, initiative, self- confidence tolerance and creativeness.

Clubs and Activities Listing

Obtaining a Junior Learner's Driving Permit and License

Follow these steps in the order listed to receive your Junior Learner's Driving Permit or License as required by the State of Pennsylvania:

Student Driving

Due to COVID-19, there will be protocols to follow:

  • A Drivers Education instructor will contact you about current status and rules that must be abided by
  • Students should report to the High School, specific location will be given by instructor on day to report
  • Temperatures must be taken
  • Driver and any passengers must answer questions about current health situation
  • Masks must be worn
  • At the conclusion of the lesson, vehicle will be sanitized by instructor
  • If you do not conform to the above, you will not be permitted to get in the car to drive

This is not first come, first served. We will contact you based on ELIGIBILTY DATE.

Please click this link and fill in your contact information. Confidentiality of contact information will be maintained.

Obtaining Working Papers

Follow these steps in the order listed to receive working papers as required by the State of Pennsylvania:

  • Obtain an "Application for Employment Certificate or Transferable Work Permit" from the main office staff or download the form.

  • Working papers apply to all minors aged 14 through 17

  • They must be signed by the holder in the presence of the issuing officer.

  • Parent/Guardian must complete Part "B" in the presence of the main office staff.

  • If the parent/guardian is unable to be present, you can obtain an Attestation Document which can be signed in the presence of a notary public.

  • You will need to have with you proof of age in the form of: copy of birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, driver permit or license. You will then receive the actual permit.


The following forms are available for your convenience: