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Local Scholarships

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109th Infantry Scholarship

Amount: $250          Due Date:03/24/2023
Description: Military
USE THEIR APPLICATION- Child/children or legally adopted child/children of a spouse by a prior marriage or dependent child as defined by the United States Armed Services for active duty personnel of the United States military and those guardsmen who are present or past members of the 109th INFANTRY BATTALIONS and or the 55 BDE which draws its linage from the 109th Infantry. Must be a high school senior to apply for this scholarship. Please download application at Mail application to: Mr. Ron Barkofsky 27 Circle Drive, EYNON, PA 18403. PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT LEGIBLY.


Agriculture, The Heart of a Growing Wayne-Pike County Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:02/24/2023
Description: Agriculture or Support Occupation
USE THEIR APPLICATION-Plus 250-500 word essay answering all six questions listed on their application. Although its agriculture related, its not entirely decided by that. Careers that support farmers are considered. This scholarship goes to a deserving high school seniors as a way to heighten a long-term interest in agriculture and its varied positive impacts in our area. The local farm bureau also hopes to promote students consideration of the growing field of agricultural career opportunities.


American Legion Auxiliary Unit #311 Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:02/22/2023
Description: Trade/Nursing/Military Family
WAHS APPLICATION- Applicant must have a family member who is currently serving or has served in the United States Armed Forces and write an essay on "How this person has impacted your life?" Senior must be attending a Trade School or going into a Nursing Field to apply.


Andrew Mazza Diesel Jam Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/28/2023
Description: Trade
WAHS APPLICATION: Approxiately 500-word essay regarding "Character". Prompts may include but not be limited to…What does character mean to you? How would you define character? The importance of character in our lives and in our community. You may also include any personal examples of character.


Audrey Ramble Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $2,500/yr. varies          Due Date:04/07/2023
Description: Greene Township/Pike County Seniors
WAHS APPLICATION-Per the trust of Audrey Ramble: The trust shall be for the purpose of providing college scholarship funds for students residing in Greene Township, Pike County, Pennsylvania, as selected by the high school faculty of the Wallenpaupack Joint School District as best deserving according to their citizenship, ability and scholarship. A scoring rubric is used for the selection. Scoring rubric is posted on Schoology and can be found in the guidance office.


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Pocono Real Estate LV Award

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:05/05/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: Building Trades/Design/Real Estate
WAHS APPLICATION-Must be going into building trades, design or real estate. College or trade school not necessary.


Blair E. Caboot Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $750          Due Date:02/24/2023
Description: Mathematics or Related Field
USE THEIR APPLICATION-The Northeastern Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NPCTM) annually presents a $750 scholarship to a deserving senior student from northeastern Pennsylvania. The scholarship is in memory of Blair E. Caboot, a past President of NPCTM and mathematics educator in the Abington Heights School District and Keystone College. The scholarship applicant should excel in mathematics in high school and have future plans in a mathematics-related field.Eligible applicants must attend school in one of the following counties: Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna, Sullivan, Wayne, & Wyoming.


Buck Tuff & Paupack Pride Resiliency Award

Amount: $500          Due Date:05/17/2023
Description: Resiliency in Personal Life
WAHS APPLICATION- Requirements: 2.7+ GPA and plans to attend College or Trade School by September 2022. At least 2 consecutive years in at least one extracurricular activity/club. Personal statement about resiliency and how the applicant has been resilient in his/her life (No more than 1 page double spaced) Wallenpaupack Application for Scholarship Applicant should demonstrate the following: Leadership ability demonstrated through awards/positions in clubs or teams (such as captain)/workplace (such as manager/assistant manager)/Community &/or Church (such as working with local community group or local church) Community Service (At least one instance since grade 9 of volunteerism) Responsible & Respectful to peers, teachers, and staff alike Due Date: 5/17/21


Carol H. Toyer Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Amount: $750 (2)          Due Date:03/27/2023
Description: Nursing Major
WAHS APPLICATION- Student who plans to pursue a 4 year Nursing Degree. Please complete at least 250 word essay explaining your calling to the field of nursing and give examples of how you have positively impacted the health/wellbeing of others.


Certified Nursing Assistant "Free Training Resources" Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/02/2023
Description: Certified Nursing Assistant
"CNA Free Training Resources" provides free training materials for those preparing to take the CNA exam, which is a requirement to become a licensed CNA. We have free practice tests for each section of the CNA exam, as well as supplemental training materials that can be used while taking CNA classes – all of which are free.


Columbia Italian-American Club Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:03/17/2023
Description: Italian Heritage
USE THEIR APPLICATION -Complete 2 pages, attach essay, transcript, extracurricular info and college acceptance letter for a two or four year college. Student must be of Italian heritage and Pike county resident, please name person and how you are related to your Italian heritage.


DAR, Dorothy Noble Scholarship

Amount: $400          Due Date:02/21/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply. Plus no more than 350 word letter/essay on their next step to continue their education, either college, trade, etc.-Transcript of grades from last marking period along with letter of recommendation from Principal, Guidance counselor or teacher-trustworthiness-Show patriotism at school and all aspects of life-Show dependability and caring for others-Not necessarily highest grades.


Delaware Highlands Conservancy - Vanessa VanGorder Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $2,000          Due Date:03/17/2023
Description: Teaching or Environmental Studies
USE THEIR APPLICATION- PLUS your transcript and two teacher assessment forms. Student who plans to pursue a career in education. This Scholarship is also open to Wayne Highlands, Western Wayne, and Delaware Valley.


Disabled Veteran's Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/29/2023
Description: Disabled Parent/Grandparent Vet
USE 3X5 index card- Email Karen Calabrese if you plan to apply. Student must me a relative of Disabled Vet Parent/Grandparent. Criteria- (1)Complete 3 X 5 index card (blank cards in guidance if needed) with necessary information (name, address, name of parent/grandparent disabled & branch of service, high school.) name, name of college/trade school). (2)Student must further education in a 2/4-year college or trade school. (3)Student must have a parent or grandparent who is a disabled veteran honorably discharged from any branch of service. (4)Student must submit copy of form DD 214 for the veteran parent or grandparent.


Dorisann Mooring Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:03/29/2023
Description: Female HFCA Resident
USE THEIR APPLICATION-*Female resident of Hemlock Farms, Lords Valley.*See email with attached application- Email Karen Calabrese to send transcript. Submit their essay and extracurricular information if available-Must be attend a credited institution of higher learning-Attach a copy of acceptance letter. Mail to: Hemlock Farms Women's Club 1363 Hemlock Farms Lords Valley, PA 18428


Dwight Haupt Memorial Award

Amount: $300          Due Date:02/22/2023
Description: Vo-Tech
WAHS APPLICATION- Student must pursue career in skilled trade in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, mechanics, etc. Student must attend a 2/4 year college vo-tech/trade school/college.


Eileen Eddins Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $250          Due Date:03/03/2023
Description: Education
WAHS APPLICATION-Scholarship awarded to a Senior attending Marywood University. Plus 200 word or less essay on any hardships or obstacles that you had to overcome and mention the Pre-School or Head-Start Program you attended if applicable.


EPAITDM Scholarship

Amount: $1000          Due Date:03/03/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: Information Technology/Computer Science
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: Any high school senior who is enrolled in a participating EPAITDM school entity, and who will be attending at least a two (2) year post high school academic or vocational program is eligible. A completed application and attend an Institution with PAID EDAITDM membership in the current school year, pursue a career in the field of information technology/cumputer science, present evidence of character and leadership qualities, transcript, letters of recommendation-(up to three), Resume, and Essay of approxiately 300-words explaining why a technology/computer science background will assist you in achieving your future goals. to be considered for a scholarship.


Gerson Scholarship for LGBTQ Academic Excellence

Amount: $1000          Due Date:04/03/2023
Description: LGBTQ
WAHS APPLICATION- Student must identify as LGBTQ, have a 3.5 GPA, with plans of pursuing a 4-year college degree. Include essay on: "In as many words as you'd like, please discuss how your LGBTQ+ identity sets you up for success in the future. May remain anonymous or receive an award at the ceremony. Please speak to or email your guidance counselor.


Hawley United Methodist Church Peacemaker Award

Amount: $1,000          Due Date:04/07/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-Write clearly the reasons and activities that show you qualify as a "peacemaker". Offer examples of what you have done and what attitudes you have demonstrated that raised the level of harmony and civilty at your high school or in the broader community. and 2 LETTERS FROM TEACHER OR ADMINISTRATOR. YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL SUPPORTING MATERIALS AND ATTEND ANNUAL AWARDS DAY SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE. You can pick up detailed information in guidance-open to all graduating seniors w/o regard to future educational plans-(this is an AWARD for living a lifestyle of peace)-write clearly the reasons & activities that show you qualify as a "peacemaker" & 2 letters from faculty members or administrators to support qualifications along w/ supporting or confirming evidence such as newspaper article, or record of public service w/ local civic organization-(student check-off assessment sheets are not acceptable replacements for letters)- high school career must exemplify the reasoned compassionate life of a peacemaker-in personal life, places others before self by helping neighbors or volunteering (Habitat, Salvation Army, fire/rescue dept etc)-exhibiting fairness & compassion, actively promoting justice & harmony in the life of high school.


Hawley Women's Club Scholarship

Amount: $1,000          Due Date:02/22/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-Applicant must attend a Nursing, Vocational and Trade School (such as building, welding, plumbing, beautician, etc.) And write a brief statement about self and career plans-course of study in any of those field.


Hemlock Farms Conservancy Scholarship

Amount: $1,000          Due Date:03/17/2023
Description: Conservation
USE THEIR APPLICATION-Complete 2 pages, attach essay, transcript, extracurricular info and college acceptance letter from the college. Student must have excellent character, have engaged in community service, extra/co-curricular and/or work experience related to the protection and appreciation of the natural resources and the environment. Student must plan to attend an accredited college or university for the upcoming fall semester. Senior plans to use their talents and abilities to pursue a career in an environmental field, such as (but not limited to) ecology, botany, fisheries, forestry, geology, geography, natural resource management, agriculture, entomology, watershed protection, conservation, wildlife management.


Horatio Alger Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:03/15/2023
Description: High School Juniors-General
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION-APPLICATION.HORATIOALGER.ORG; Application open in December 1, 2022 with Due date March 15, 2023. Eligibility Criteria- Must be a high school junior in the United States; be progressing normally toward graduation in spring/summer of 2022 with plans to enter a college in the United States no later than the fall following graduation-Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a bachelor’s degree at an accredited non-profit public or private institution in the United States (students may start their studies at a two-year institution and then transfer to a four-year institution)-Demonstrate critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income is required)-Be involved in co-curricular and community service activities-Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity-Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0; and be a United States citizen.


Human Resources Foundation Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 (3)          Due Date:04/15/2023
Description: Human Services/Social Work/Special Education
USE THEIR APPLICATION-Applications must be received by Donor before or on April 15,2022. Eligible students will reside in Wayne, Pike, or Monroe County. The student will be planning to pursue a career in Human Services, Social Work, or Special Education. Preference will be given to individuals who are looking to pursue human, social, educational, or health/clinical career paths that work directly with individuals with disabilities. We encourage student to apply on the HFR website at but we have a paper copy located in the guidance department. *Email Karen Calabrese to send transcript and relevant test scores. Applications must be received by the deadline of April 15, 2022. The selected scholarship recipients will be notified in July, prior to the upcoming school year. The monetary award will be payable to their school of choice.


Jay Russell Rose Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000          Due Date:03/03/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-Must prove to be accepted to a 2/4 yr school/college. Complete essay of 500-1000 words "How Living in Pike/Wayne County has shaped your life?" The essay should include what outdoor activities you enjoy and how it has influenced your life.


Jennifer Killam Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,500          Due Date:04/27/2023
Description: General
USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION- *Email Karen Calabrese to forward transcript-Emphasis on students actively involved in volunteering and community service-Recommendations-transcript -PLUS Essay on secondary education plans, field of interest and reason for choosing this field, future ambitions-include teacher recommendations-extra curricular activities-work experience


Lake Region Community Dock Award

Amount: $1,000          Due Date:05/22/2023
Description: IGA Employee
WAHS APPLICATION-Email Karen Calabrese to apply. Student must have been employed at IGA Lake Region for at least 1 year and furthering their education at a college or trade school.


LHTC Broadband Scholarship

Amount: $1,500          Due Date:04/12/2023
Description: Top 10%
WAHS APPLICATION-Email Karen Calabrese to apply-Student must be furthering schooling with a 4 year degree-top 10% of the class preferred.


Mike Munchak Community Service Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:03/30/2023
Description: Participant in programs funded by United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties
USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION- The scholarship amount for 2019 is $6,300.00. The scholarship will be awarded for a one (1) year period only. Open only to graduating seniors within school districts in Lackawanna or Wayne Counties (PA). Demonstrate commitment through community service activities-Demonstrate academic achievement-Applicants must be graduating seniors from a public, private, parochial or charter school within either of the two counties.


Milford Masonic Lodge #344 F. & A.M. Grant

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/10/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: General
USE THEIR APPLICATION-*See email for their application and email Karen Calabrese to forward transcript.If needed email the Milford Masonic Lodge No. 344F & A.M. Grant for them to email you their application: $500 is awarded to a student who exhibits strong moral character and ethics, positive involvement in his/her community, and will pursue higher education at a professional, vocational, or trade school, college, or university.


Milford Valley Quilters' Guild Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:03/24/2023
Description: Field of Art
USE THEIR APPLICATION-High School transcript-teacher letter recommendation-ESSAY- stating short personal history and goals for future career-copy of acceptance letter to a college to further studies in field of art, graphic design, oil, watercolor, or acrylic painting, mixed media, sculpture, fashion design, fabric design, interior decorating, photography or other related fields (excluding performing arts)-3.0 GPA average or above-letter of recommendation from teacher-portfolio of art work (CD/Jump drive accepted)


NEPA Pride Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 (5)          Due Date:03/24/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: Aspects of Art, Preforming Art, Vocal, Instrument, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture
USE THEIR APPLICATION-The NEPA Pride Project is pleased to announce a scholarship program created by the co-founders of the NEPA Pride Project - Mr. Justin Correll and Ms. Martha Zabriski. The mission of the NEPA Pride Scholarship Program is to “Celebrate, Educate and Demonstrate” the importance of community and commitment to arts. It is through fundraising efforts from private community members, businesses and organizations; we are pleased to offer FIVE (5) $1,000 college scholarships (issued one time) to qualified high school senior(s). It is our objective to provide financial opportunities to the selected seniors entering post high school educational opportunities majoring in any aspects of the arts (i.e. performing arts, vocal, instrument, painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)ALL interested high school seniors meeting the criteria are encouraged to apply. We have included a copy of the scholarship application and it is our hope to reach qualified applicants with the assistance of your guidance department. Completed applications must be received by email or mailed to WAHS by Friday, March 24th or to Donor no later than Friday, March 31, 2023. If at any time, you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the Scholarship Committee via email [email protected] SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Please submit all required documents to the NEPA Pride Project (not directly to the student) located at Attn: Scholarship Committee 100 Quarry Road, Laurel Run, PA 18706 or email the committee directly at [email protected] – DEADLINE MARCH 31, 2023.


Newfoundland Rotary Scholarship Awards

Amount: $1,000 (3)          Due Date:03/17/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply and send her your schedule C or 1040 tax form-must be resident of Greene-Dreher twps-good moral character, school citizenship-consideration for financial need & potential rather than class rank/SAT scores-academic achievement-service to school & community-transcript-permission slip-3 teacher references-accepted at a 2/4 yr college.


Patrick Abrams Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $250          Due Date:03/15/2023
Description: Education
WAHS APPLICATION-The scholarship will be awarded to a student(s) majoring in education. Doesn't need to be an "A" "B" student. The student must demonstrate a desire to learn and is willing to work hard to achieve their educational goals.


PCCRW Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/03/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: General-Pike County Resident
USE THEIR APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply. Students residing in Pike County in their senior year of high school that will be attending a 4-year college, community college, or a trade school. Participation in volunteer activities such as church, school, community with academic achievement and if 18, registered to vote a plus.


Pennsylvania American Legion Scholarships

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:04/01/2023
Description: 9th - 12th may apply to Many different scholarships offered
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION: The American Legion offers many different types of scholarships. Please view their website for details.


Perry/Westgate Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 (over 2 yrs)          Due Date:03/29/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: Agriculture Conservation Environment
USE THEIR APPLICATION- Due to Donor April 6th 2023 or to WAHS by March 29th 2023. PLUS transcript & recommendation letters (none from teacher or family) and essay-counselor signature-must be Wayne County resident-transcript-must enter agriculture, conservation or environmental curriculum-transcript-2/4 yr college-essay of future goals (1 page, double spaced)-$1,000 OVER 2 YEARS - $500 award 1st yr & $500 2nd yr after copy of 1st yr transcript sent


Pike County Bar Association Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:04/28/2023
Description: Academic-Pike County Resident
WAHS APPLICATION-Student must be Pike County resident with leadership roles and strong academics.


Pike-Wayne Trout Unlimited Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/30/2023
Description: Environmental
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply. Student must major in aquatic biology/fishery management/or some type of environmental studies and plan to continue education at a 2/4 yr college, show a financial need.


Pocono Mt. Adult Baseball League Award

Amount: $250 (2)          Due Date:04/28/2023
Description: Baseball/Softball
WAHS APPLICATION-Applicant must participate in softball/baseball with plans to attend a 2/4 year college. Two Scholarships awarded to Student's who exhibit outstanding attitude, conduct, sportsmanship, & teamwork. Provide volunteer work that helps to make the community stronger and a better place to live. Please Provide Coach's recommendations.


Points Scholarship

Amount: $10,000          Due Date:05/30/2023
Description: General
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: USE THEIR APPLICATION-The ScholarshipPoints program was created in 2006 to help students win scholarships without the hassle of filling out paper applications and writing dozens of essays. To date, they have given away more than $650,000 through the ScholarshipPoints program. To be Eligible: (1.) You must be at least 13 years old and enrolled or will enroll in a college or university in the US. (2.) You must be a legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.


PPL Powerful Tech & Trade Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:03/01/2023
Description: TRADES
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants to the Powerful Tech and Trade Scholarship must meet all the following criteria: Reside within Pike or Wayne. -Be a high school senior, graduate, current undergraduate or non-traditional student.-Plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-year college or vocational,technical/trade school for the entire upcoming academic year within the PPL Power Scholars Network* of schools.-Plan to purse a certificate, diploma, or degree in: Engineering, Industrial, Computer Science, Natural Resources Technologies, Electrical, Electronics, Project Management, HVAC, Building Construction, or another trade.-Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent.-


PR&LA Scholarship Program

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:04/01/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: Culinary Arts/Hospitality
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: ONLINE APPLICATION: You will be asked to provide the following*: A letter of recommendation (Can be sourced from teachers/instructors, employers, and/or personal references).Transcript from most recently attended school. A short essay (200 words) describing who you are, your work experience and why you wish to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Letter of acceptance from the post-secondary school (unless currently enrolled). Resume (optional) Applications must be completed online by April 1. After you CLICK TO APPLY, you will be prompted to create an account. Once you create a user account and begin an application, you can save your work and return later to finish. If you have any questions, please contact Hope Sterner at [email protected]* If you are unable to provide a digital copy of any of the above documents, you may send in a paper copy to the following address. Any mailed materials must be postmarked by April 1 and clearly labeled with the applicant's name. PRLAEF 100 State Street Harrisburg, PA 17101


Promised Land Sportsman's Association Scholarship

Amount: $750 (2)          Due Date:03/24/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-Student must attend college/technical school-Club will select on basis of financial need, academics, contribution to school and community. All applicants considered; however, preference is given to students pursuing studies in the field of conservation and preservation of wildlife. Club request that you are able to attend their July or August membership meeting to receive their check.



Amount: $1,000          Due Date:04/01/2023
Description: School Counselor Essay
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION: Participants should be high school seniors planning to pursue a post-secondary education. Please submit a one (1) page essay of no more than 500 words (single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs) on a School Counselor who has made a difference in your academic, career and/or social-emotional development. The School Counselor you are writing about must be a certified School Counselor, employed as such in Pennsylvania. ALL Essays must be submitted electronically.


R.E.S.C.U.E. Benjamin B. Stone Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:03/21/2023
Description: General
Website: http://[email protected]
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: USE THEIR APPLICATION-Student may complete on-line with this address: Established by the staunch environmental organization "Return Susquehanna Country Under Ecology" to recognize Benjamin's courageous and life-long efforts that both halted threatening pollution to our region and established the Susuqhanna County Recycling Center. Provides two post-secondary scholarships to high school graduates who, write a winning essay addressing his or her past environmental interests and accomplishments, describing future plans to protect the environment. The delegated selection committee is responsible for selecting the recipient in consultation with The Community Foundation.


Scranton Area Community Scholarship

Amount: $Varies          Due Date:04/01/2023
Description: General
USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION- -Their 2023 application will be ready February 1, 2023 Please view their website to see the different scholarships that you can apply to. Just one application to complete for scholarships awarded each year!*Email Karen Calabrese to send transcript. Here is a list of some of the scholarships offered: Cinderella's Closet Scholarship,This scholarship will be awarded to one female or female-identified senior student per year currently attending a high school program within the NEPA counties of Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne, or Wyoming.The scholarship will be given to a student who shall be selected by the SAF Scholarship Committee using the following guidelines:1. 50 or more documented volunteer hours with 25 or more of those hours must be recorded at a single Northeast Pennsylvania non-profit organization. Priority will be given to those who have volunteered for Cinderella's Closet in the past 4 years. 2. Grade point average of 3.0 or greater 3. Plans to pursue a post-secondary school education. The student shall provide one written character reference. Financial need is not a stated criterion, but may be considered in selecting a candidate for the scholarship. Greg Legg NEPA Diamond Scholarship Fund, The Greg Legg NEPA Diamond Scholarship will be awarded to a student who plays baseball and is graduating from a high school located in Lackawanna, Luzerne, or Wayne County. The applicant should meet the following criteria: 1. High school senior residing in Lackawanna, Luzerne, or Wayne Counties. 2. Must currently be playing baseball in a high school program. 3. Preference given to a previous/present member of the All-Star team for Lackawanna League or the Wyoming Valley Conference 4. Must be planning on playing baseball in college 5. Demonstrated Academic achievement 6. Must show leadership skills and/or be involved in community service. 7. Financial need is not a stated criterion, but may be considered in selecting a candidate for the scholarship. Students must submit an essay regarding the impact of playing baseball on the applicant’s life thus far. Harry and Carol Kuzmick Scholarship Established in December 2021 by Carol Kuzmick, the Harry and Carol Kuzmick Scholarship Fund supports students from Northeastern Pennsylvania who are or will be attending accredited colleges and universities. The student must be:1. A resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania. 2. Currently or intends to pursue a degree from a college or university Preference, in the following order, will be shown to applying students who: 1. Have a grade point average in the C+ to B range 2. Can trace their ancestry to Poland, Ireland, or Russia 3. Have worked hard and achieved academic potential, but not necessarily as an honor roll student 4. Receives recommendations from teachers, coaches, employers, and/or other non-related individuals who can speak to the student's integrity and strong moral character. 5. Have shown dedication to their family 6. Have performed community service 7. Have a demonstrated financial need. Laura Wesolowski Scholarship Fund,The Laura Wesolowski Scholarship Fund was established in memory of a long-term employee and manager of the McDonald’s in Clarks Summit, PA. The scholarship, which will be $1,000 unless the donor specifies otherwise or based on available assets, is intended to annually support an employee of a McDonald’s in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region who is pursuing a post-secondary education. The following criteria MUST be met in order for an individual to be considered for the scholarship: Graduating senior from a high school Current employee of a McDonald's located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, specifically from one of the following locations: a. Clarks Summit h. Tunkhannock b. Scranton i. Bell Mountain c. Old Forge j. Eynon d. Wyoming k. Carbondale e. Hanover l. Honesdale f. Mountain Top m. Lehigh g. Shavertown n. S. Bethlehem Preference, in the following order, will be shown to applying students who: 1. Intend to pursue a degree and/or career in the hospitality industry 2. Have a demonstrated financial need 3. Exemplify the characteristics and values of Laura, as listed below, as demonstrated through an essay. a. Hardworking b. Dedicated c. Leadership d. Service to others. The Page to the Stage Collegiate Arts Scholarship will be a scholarship awarded annually to a graduating high school senior pursuing arts education in their post-secondary education. The following criteria MUST be met in order for an individual to be considered for the scholarship: 1. Graduating Senior 2. Pursuing Arts Education in their post-secondary education 3. Resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania - Including the following counties: Bradford, Carbon, Columbia, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Montour, Northumberland, Pike, Schuylkill, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming. Educational institutions can be outside of NEPA. Preference, in the following order, will be shown to applying students who: a. Have a demonstrated financial need b. Demonstrate strong impact of arts on their life.


Shohola Area Lions Club Scholarship - In Memory of Andy Bartsch

Amount: $1,500          Due Date:04/07/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply. Student must reside in area served by Shohola Lions (Lackawaxen Township, Pike County) and passing in all subjects. Student must exhibit good behavior and participate in local community organizations-show leadership-good work record. Please send copy of acceptance letter from college *Student must reside in Masthope-Rowlands-Greeley-Blooming Grove-Lords Valley-Kimbles-Shohola-Walker Lake-Hemlock


Stanley J. Segal Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/30/2023
Website: http://[email protected]
USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION: [email protected] The Delaware Valley Arts Alliance is offering this $500 scholarship to assist a graduating high school senior in Wayne County PA who wishes to pursue advanced studies in the visual arts.


Student-View Scholarship Program

Amount: One $5,000,Two $1,000, Ten $500 Scholarships          Due Date:04/23/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: General
USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION: Simply log on to: and complete a 15-20 minute application survey about colleges in your area. (Note: Please type directly into the browser and not into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. These search engines will frequently redirect students to advertiser sites not affiliated with the authentic Student-View Scholarship) The scholarship will be awarded via a random drawing of all completed applications. The winner will be announced in May 2023.



Amount: $TBA          Due Date:06/17/2023
Description: General-Continual Open Scholarships
USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION- Website offers many scholarships monthly.


Suzanne C. Hope - Outstanding Girls Field Hockey Player of the Year

Amount: $500          Due Date:03/03/2023
Description: Field Hockey
WAHS APPLICATION-Senior who played all four years and made a difference to their team. Please submit an essay on what being on the team has meant to you?


SWE Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

Amount: $TBA up to $5,000          Due Date:01/29/2023
Description: Women Engineers
Website: http://LV.SWE.ORG/Scholarships


The Brisman LVCC Association Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:03/30/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply. Please send one paragraph essay on "How my personal contributions make my community a better place"-Student must be resident of Hemlock Farms Community and show scholastic achievement with an "84%" average or higher, have financial need and be enrolled or accepted in post secondary education. Recipient must attend LVCC meeting for presentation


The Joseph A. and Mary J. Helpern Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 (3)          Due Date:05/05/2023
Description: Health Career/Science/The Arts
WAHS APPLICATION- The candidate must demonstrate a financial need as well as academic achievement. The application should include an essay (not to exceed one page) explaining the students' career interests as well as something about their life's experience that contributed to their decision. They will also need to submit a letter of acceptance from an accredited college or trade school related to the individual career of study.


The Lackawaxen River Conservancy Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/05/2023
Description: Environmental Conservation
USE THEIR APPLICATION: or mail to the address provided on their application. *Don't forget to complete their essay discussing environmental issues. DUE TO DONOR NO LATER THAN APRIL 12th. Recommendation from science teacher and counselor report will be your responsibility to email them to complete and forward to Karen Calabrese-Your college major should lead to a career in environmental conservation.


The Lodge at Woodloch & Lackawanna College Massage Therapy Scholarship Program

Amount: Full Tuition expense of $7,500          Due Date:06/16/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: Massage Therapy
WAHS APPLICATION: In consideration for a minimum of a two yearlong employment commitment with the Lodge, tuition for the Lackawanna College Massage Therapy Program will be at no cost to the Student provided that the Student complies with the following requirements: (a) Student will Complete all required steps for enrollment into the Massage Therapy program at Lackawanna College (b) At all times Student will maintain a good academic standing, with at least a “C” in each course © Student will work a minimum of 16 hours per week at any Woodloch Property while in school and at all times maintain satisfactory work performance (d) Student Shall take state Mblex exam and submit all required documentation for state licensure within 30 days of completing the program € After obtaining the Massage Therapy license, Student must work a minimum of 16 hours as a Massage Therapist at The Lodge for two years


The Shannon Robertson Lorenzo Award

Amount: $1,000          Due Date:03/31/2023
Description: Culinary Arts Program
WAHS APPLICATION-Student must demonstrate excellence in the Culinary Arts Program and plans on continuing professional preparation at the graduate level.


USW District 10 Hugh Carcella Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 over 4 years          Due Date:03/15/2023
Description: Be a son, daughter or legal ward of United Steelworkers District 10(Eastern) Union Member
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: USE THEIR APPLICATION-Eligibility: An applicant must be the son, daughter or active legal ward of a member of the United Steelworkers, District 10 (Eastern). Can be disabled, retiree or decreased but in good standing with the Local Union participating in the Scholarship Program. To apply you must contact


WAHS Field Hockey Award

Amount: $500          Due Date:02/17/2023
Description: Field Hockey Player
WAHS APPLICATION-Senior who played at least one year and made a difference to their team. Please submit an brief essay on:"What has being on the team has meant to you?


WAHS Swim Team Scholarship

Amount: $200 (2)          Due Date:03/04/2023
Description: Swim Team Scholarship
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply along with ESSAY 200 words on "How did swimming affect your life?" Applicant must be attending 2/4 year college or trade school. 1 Female and 1 Male Senior swimmer will be chosen. Preference given to students who swam 4 years but not less than 2 years.


Wallenpaupack Area Education Association Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:04/30/2023
Description: Declared Education Major
WAHS APPLICATION-Email Karen Calabrese to notify that you applied. Where and How to Submit Your Scholarship Essay • Complete two essays. Each essay is to be on its on page • Once this is complete submit both essays as a Word document to Mrs. Petrillo at [email protected] Title email WAEA Scholarship • Any questions, please see Mrs. Petrillo or Mrs. Hessling • Essays are due to Mrs. Petrillo by Saturday, May 7th at midnight. Late submissions will not be considered • As part of the process the committee will review your discipline record • You are competing for a significant award and the committee expects that you will take time to craft your response. You may seek writing help from non-committee members; however, the writing must be your own. On two separate pages, applicants will word-process their well-written responses to Short Essay 1 and Short Essay 2: double-spaced, Times-New Roman, and 12-point font. Be sure to check spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Insert a header containing the applicant’s full name, essay number, and application due date. Imagine that you are about to graduate from college and are filling out teaching applications. You know that you are competing with many others who desperately want to win this ideal teaching position. Consider what distinguishes you from everyone else. Then, answer the following in 250-500-word essays: Essay 1: Describe the strengths, talents, and skills you will bring to the classroom. Essay 2: How will you also be able to use these strengths, talents, and skills to help young people in extra-curricular activities.


WANES PTSA Educational Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:05/05/2023
Description: Education
WAHS APPLICATION- *Email Karen Calabrese to apply along with Essay Prompt: In ten years I see myself making a difference in the lives of the children in my community. The student must be pursuing a bachelor or associates degree with a focus in early childhood education, or a complimentary major. Special education, child development as well as psychology or arts programs with the intention of pursuing further education for future job placement within a preschool, elementary, or middle school to fit our criteria. WANES PTSA Scholarship Requirements: GPA will be taken into consideration, as well as extracurricular activities. Volunteer or job experience with young children is a must. Completion of our one-page essay.


Wayne County Community Foundation Scholarship

Amount: $Varies          Due Date:04/01/2023
EMail: [email protected]
Description: General
USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION- Website opens on February 1st and closes on April 1st. -Award is based on academics and student needs-Student must plan to attend a 2/4yr college--Student needs to provide a list of activities. Many different majors are considered in the many different fields-if student does not attend school, scholarship money must be returned.


Wayne County Foundation: Gayle Akers Koropchak Scholarship

Amount: $5,000(over 4 yrs)or $2,500 (over 2 yrs)          Due Date:04/01/2023
Description: General
USE THEIR APPLICATION: This scholarship requires an acceptance letter. It will be awarded to a motivated, hardworking, and actively involved with community/sports Senior, going to a 4-year college or trade school preferred. Essay on- "How will you use your further education and/or profession to help the community where you will live?" 300-500 words and description of your family dynamics, your activities, desire for math a plus, and class standing. MOST IMPORTANTLY *Please specify your financial need. If chosen, you will need to maintain GPA of 3.0, payment described as Obtion 1- 4 year degree: Award Amount $5,000 to be broken up as 1st yr $500/2nd year $1,000/3rd yr $1500/4th yr $2000 Option 2- 2 year degree: Award amount $2,500 to be broken as 1st yr $1,000/2nd yr $1,500


Wayne County Grown Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:04/15/2023
Description: Agriculture/Conservation
USE THEIR APPLICATION-Along with all requirements listed on their applicaiton, write an essay 800 words or more on "Why sustainability is important for the future of our local communities and how sustainability will influence my career choice?" 2 letters of recommendation-(1) Academic recommendation from teacher or advisor who knows your work (2) Personal recommendation from someone who knows your character and personal attributes.This scholarship will be awarded to student/students who plan to study for careers related to sustainability in Agriculture, Conservation, Renewable Natural Resources, Environmental Education, and Environmental Science occupations, for example but not limited to: plant scientist, soil scientist, watershed scientist, etc.


Wayne Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

Amount: $TBA          Due Date:03/31/2023
Description: Nursing
USE THEIR APPLICATION-*See email for application and mail application to address on the form. Please email Karen Calabrese to send transcript. You will need to mail three "letters" of recommendations from teacher or adult not related to applicant(no assessment forms are accepted) along with a copy of acceptance letter to a nursing program in the fall, one full page essay describing the reason for pursuing a career in Nursing and applying for the scholarship, and INCLUDE wallet size photo of yourself. Student will be contacted for a personal interview with WMH Auxiliary Scholarship Committee to be held the beginning of May. Criteria for the scholarship recipients are multifaceted and include academic achievement, community service, financial need and personal presentation in the interview.


Wheels of Time SRA Scholarship

Amount: $750 per semester          Due Date:06/01/2023
EMail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Description: Auto Mechanics/Auto Body/Welding
OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP: USE THEIR ONLINE APPLICATION:The Wheels of Time will be awarding $750 scholarships per semester to those who intend to further their education in the areas of Auto Mechanics, Auto Body and Welding. We will also be awarding $750 tool scholarships for those graduates entering the automotive workforce directly. Applicants must live within 50 miles of Allentown PA to be considered. Students must complete the application process, provide all of the information and documentation requested and then undergo an interview with the Wheels of Time Scholarship Committee. The winning applicants will be asked to attend one Wheels of Time business meeting each year and will be expected to volunteer for the annual Wheels of Time Rod & Custom Jamboree unless they are attending school at the time out of the area. This event is the money source for the scholarships. The scholarship winner(s) will also need to inform their school that the Wheels of Time SRA will need to be sent copies of the student’s grades, the student will need acceptable grades to continue in the scholarship program.


William C. Weber Continuing Education Award

Amount: $2,000 (2)          Due Date:03/27/2023
Description: General
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply. This scholarship is based on need first, then transcript & 2 letters of recommendation-Must live in area served by Tobyhanna-Newfoundland Lions Club (Greene-Dreher twnsp Newfoundland, Greentown or South Sterling address)-attend a 2/4 yr school or vocational school-community service-financial need-academic performance-plus additional "letters" of recommendation from teacher and one from community leader, clergy or employer-250 word Essay typed on "The Importance of Community Service"-money returned in full if student does not to attend school or attend a meeting to receive monetary in either June, July or August or it'll be forfeited.


Woodloch Family Hositality Scholarship

Amount: $500          Due Date:05/24/2023
Description: Hospitality/Business/Human Resources
WAHS APPLICATION-*Email Karen Calabrese to apply. Preference given to Woodloch employee. Applicant must be attending 2/4-year college with hospitality/vocational/business/trade school. Student must be involved in extracurricular activities/community service/school involvement with good academic achievement.