Who We Are...

     The WAHS Players is a group of students and faculty members that annually come together to perform a fall show and a spring musical. We strive for excellence in every show we perform, and we have a tradition of success. Above all, we value hard work, dedication, and responsibility. The WAHS Players considers ourselves a family, because we’re with each other for ninety percent of the school year. Like a family, we laugh, we cry, and we fight, but out of the chaos is born something beautiful. Something tragic, but hilarious, something serious, but amusing. A production is born. There is a magic that exists within this group of unique individuals. It is born out of the passion and dedication of the students that have the honor of calling themselves WAHS Players. It swirls around the stage and over the audience members heads during each performance. It will never disappear, and we will carry on a tradition of excellence for as long as the curtain continues to open.

Do you like making people laugh?
Are you always the center of attention?
Are you interested in being a part of something special?
Then check out the WAHS Players!