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District Information

The School District

The Wallenpaupack Area School District is located in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The school district is located in a predominately rural setting, drawing its student from a 325 square mile area of Pike and Wayne counties. The Wallenpaupack Area School District was formed in July, 1961. At that time the K-12 enrollment was 1,250 student. District enrollment is currently approximately 3,000 students.

The Region

Formerly a region of small manufacturing, canal transport, lumbering, and farming, the present focal point of the area's economic life is Lake Wallenpaupack with its related resort and vacation enterprises. Lake Wallenpaupack, the third largest lake in Pennsylvania, was man-made by Pennsylvania Power & Light. Construction was completed in 1926. Before that, only a stream flowed through the beautiful valley. The local Leni Lenapi Indian tribe called the stream "Wallenpaupack" which means "the stream of swift and slow water."

Mission Statement

Wallenpaupack Area School District's mission is to provide an education environment that promotes excellence for all students, thereby developing life-long learners who are responsible citizens.


The purpose of school is to:

  • Provide the opportunities for all students to reach their fullest potential
  • Develop in students the skills necessary to function as productive members of society
  • Provide a foundation of basic knowledge and skills
  • Develop in students the techniques necessary for lifelong learning
  • Foster a partnership between parents, students and educators

All students are:

  • Entitled to an environment of learning that is safe, healthy and challenging
  • Accountable for meeting specific educational requirements
  • Lifelong learners with unique needs, abilities and learning styles

All educators should:

  • Keep lines of communication open with parents and students
  • Maintain high levels of expectations for students
  • Recognize and address the individuality and uniqueness of each student
  • Be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring, and impartial